Finding The Value Of Your House

Starting Out

It’s the dream of every home owner to make a quick sale. But many are faced with the challenge of pricing their property right for such a situation. A competitive asking price is a crucial element in determining the success or otherwise of the sale of your home. The first question you should ask your self is whats my house worth? However, while the price of the house is the main element when selling your house, other factors like how you present your property may also determine how fast your property sells and at how much.Here are some tips on how to price your property for a quick sale.

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Market Research

Carry out a market research to determine the worth of your house. Even when you feel sure that you know the value of your property, doing some research will help you to determine the real market value. The internet is a good place to start to get a rough idea of how similar properties are selling in your area. Look for sites that are reputable and list properties from your area. Go a step further and engage agent dealing with property in your neighbourhood. The agent can help you value your property based on the most current closed sale for similar properties within your community or target market. The agent can also advice you on updates about what other sellers are doing in your area to make their property more valuable and sell fast. Some will not charge you for these services in anticipation you will list your property for sale with them. For a precise market price of your property, engage an appraiser for a formal valuation of your property. This will give you an absolute price but at a fee.

How fast you want to sell

If you are looking to sell your house at the quickest time possible, you may consider quoting the asking price lower than the prevailing market price. But don’t quote a price that will make buyers suspicious that your property is in bad condition. If you had renovated your house or done some major updates within the past few years, you can afford to quote a higher price higher than prevailing market price even when you are in a hurry to sell your house. Take some time to make your house ready for a quick sale, take clear pictures of your property and post them on the social media and other free property listing sites.

Flexibility of the Price

There is an emerging trend of DIY which can be seen even in property market. Many home owners are selling their property on their own making the price more flexible. Using an agent will cost you a commission which may force you to price your house higher than the market price to cover the commission. While privately selling property can save homeowners money, those with no marketing skills or knowledge of the property market can have problems selling their property quickly and sometimes not get the best deals. Take time to prepare your property and find out “whats my house worth?”for sale and carry out market research to ensure you fairly price your property for a quick sale.